Friday, 6 May 2011

I like to Plan my Procrastination.

I'm determined to get writing done this weekend. I Need to get writing done this weekend. I need to finish of chapter three of Time and Tide and I pretty much should do a chapter of Critical Situation before the three people who are reading it decide to kick me square in the nuts for yet again not sticking to my promises in relation to chapter updates.

Of course, that isn't gonna be easy. I'm planning on having something resembling a lie-in tomorrow - although given that all last week when I was off I only managed to sleep past 7:30am once and that was when I'd drunk myself into something resembling a catatonic state the night previously. The problem is, I've got far too much going on this weekend.

Now, I'm most definitely not a social animal, so you can assume from the tone of my previous entries that this is gonna involve me watching cars going round a track at high speeds.

and goddamn but theres a lot of good action on this weekend. The Turkish Grand Prix is looking like a scorcher - although if it turns out to be a wet race it's definitely gonna be intriguing since Seb Vettel decided to park his RB7 in the wall at the exit of Turn Eight. Last I checked they were still rebuilding it, so the world champion is losing a lot of very necessary practice and setup time.

On top of that, theirs the 1000km's of Spa in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup. I'm starting to really get into Endurance racing because I just love the design of the cars, and with the Audi R18 and Peugeot 908 getting their first racing runs in the race thats essentially a dress rehearsal for the 24 hours of Le Mans next month. I was actually slightly tempted by the idea of watching the whole 24 hours this year, then I realised that during the night bugger all happens .

But I digress: In the vague hope I wake up at 8am-9am tomorrow, I'm gonna try and start writing straight away.

Wait a damn minute. Free practice 3 starts at 9am, and runs till 10:55.

qualifying coverage for Turkey starts 11am. It runs till 1pm. At approximately 1pm the coverage at Spa begins on Eurosport. Of course, I can write after that race ends.

At about 6pm.

Oh Shit. Doctor Who starts at 6pm. It has pirates. I can't miss Doctor Who with Pirates!

Okay, so 7pm. I can write from 7pm.

But it's the weekend. I put off playing videogames through the week to write. And Saturday night is the best time for Multiplayer shenanigans. So that makes Saturaday night a write off, realisitically.

Okay, so, Sunday. I'll try on Sunday.

Dammit, GP2 is on Eurosport as well. After my blog entry about single seater feeder series earlier in the year theres no way I can justify not watching the start of the GP2 series this year. Otherwise I'll just look even more like a bell-end who doesn't know what he's talking about. More so than usual.

Okay, I'll write after the GP2 raaaaaaaagoddammit the Grand Prix starts after the GP2 race. And after the Race, I'll have to watch the F1 Forum. Because it's awesome.

right. okay. We're encroaching on, like, 3pm at this time. Half of my Sunday writing time is gone. Better get down to ooooh videogame time. Gotta get in my Videogame time. Not gonna get it during the week. I've gotta devote that time to writing. I APPRECIATE THE IRONY.

Well, Sunday night, right, Sunday night, I can get my writing done.

Aw, hell, Richard Hammond's engineering connections starts at 7:10pm. Then it's Britain's Secret Seas, which looks awesome. Then Lord Sugar is investigating football at 9pm. That looks awesome too. Okay, so I generally go to bed around 11pm on a night before work unless it's my extra long shift on mon... and goddammit it's my extra long shift on Monday. 10:30 to eleven Bed time.

So. I've got half an hour to write in between ten and ten-thirty. But my Awesome wife will want me to pay attention to her at some point this weekend. Better pencil her in for here.

I give up. This weekend is far to awesome to be conductive to a good writing atmosphere.

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