Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Adventures of a Freelance Writer/Filmmaker.

Yes, apparently I'm now legally considered a freelance writer, having been paid a grand total of forty quid for my first job. Believe me. It isn't a glamorous life. My first job consisted of writing Spam messages to go on Blogs - something that, were I responsible for the intent, would cause me to go into isolation and cower from the sun. The I wrote 130 descriptions of electric shavers that I haven't been paid for yet.


Production on the first Toys in the Attic film has kinda stalled for the moment. not through any fault of anyone just... we haven't had time to do it yet. we're planning on filming a documentary about the burlesque subculture in Liverpool - at least for the moment. fortunately, we have a fantastic contact in the form of Millie Dollar, who is more than understanding of the fact that we simply cant start shooting yet. Nevertheless, I really should make an attempt to get some footage down on tape - even its just to make a trailer or the showreel we promised Millie.


On an entirely different note, I actually took the time to look at the announcements on Least I could Do today. And Imagine my surprise when I noticed This:

Now, if that wasn't funny enough, the little tidbit at the end, that Blind Ferret Entertainment are making a Looking for Group Movie, almost sent me into spasms of Joy. I love this comic.

Unfortunately, theres only one downside I can see: Distribution. Making a Movie is an excellent idea, but I do wonder whether they'll be able to get a cinema distributor for something that, lets face it, is going to be a violent animation (Especially if the short was anything to go by.)

Historically, US Movie distributors really don't "Get" adult animation, and as a knock on effect, neither does the general movie-going audience. Blind Ferret doesn't really seem to do Kiddy-movies, so it seems that their audience demographic seems to really be aimed at Adults, and through their subject matter, Geeky adults at that. The only way I can really see LFG: The Movie getting a distribution deal is if Blind Ferret put up a good amount of the funding.

Counterbalancing that, obviously there are options open to them. With the PvP animated series, they showed that they have a solid digital distribution system in place. DVD is also a valid option. But ideally, we'd all like to see Richard the warlock burning down an orphanage on the big screen. Whether its going to happen, however, is a completely different kettle of fish.