Monday, 1 September 2008

Where it all Begins... Again.

Seriously, Fuck LJ. yeah, I'm leaving the wastelands of LJ for a grown-up Blog. Here is where I can rant about media stuff and general crap.

TNA is still awesome. great in ring action and decent writing.

WWE has peaked my interest with the championship scramble matches for Unforgiven this Sunday. Not enough to make me order the PPV, but a little. If they weren't so intent on making CM Punk look like a bitch I'd be happier.

UFC's last show was awesome.

Most of the stuff from Japan is still crap. Like this.

Engrish picture of product package that says hyper wank device cornbrator
more the engrish!


So, what am I up to at the moment? well, I'm trying to break in my new keyboard since the old one went to pot. I'm STILL working for homefundraising, but due to an ankle injury I've had to cut down to three days. so I need a new job. fortunately, I have an interview on Friday for an inbound sales advisor position on Friday. 16k per year, and uncapped bonus. So here's hoping.

"What is life without a touch of Luck?"

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