Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Fundraising diary, 2/9/08

Location: Holt/Ecclestone Park.

Signups: 0

Day report:

...Kill Me.


Oh, and the office are being douchebags. Last week, I missed out on Monday's shift because they didn't have me on a team. so I made this shift up on Wednesday - no harm, no foul.

on Friday, they give me a call saying that if I don't make the shift up on Saturday, I'll get a disciplinary. I remind them that I worked Wednesday, and they say thats fine.

today, I get a letter telling me that I HAVE A FUCKING DISCIPLINARY HEARING. not only that, but its on Friday - 20 minutes before my interview. so I have to go in tomorrow to play hell.

You know how they should remember that I made the shift up? Because they were on the fucking doors with me DURING THE FUCKING SHIFT.


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