Monday, 1 September 2008

Fundraising Report: LCD, 01/09/08

Well, I have randomly decided to report on the fundraising experiences of the night and relate any stories that would mildly entertain.


Long story shot, this place is duller than a trainspotters sex life. The whole town is literally divided into two halves: Council House Scally Land and God's Waiting Room. We jumped on the doors at about 4PM, and within about three doors I'd decided I really couldnt be arsed due to the sheer boredom of the day. The signup I did manage to get was an easy one - a nice lady who was into the charity from the word go. The highlight of the day was a in depth political rant/discussion with a woman myself and Ben Starkey signed up right at the end of the night.


More tomorrow.

"What is life without a touch of luck?"

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