Monday, 24 January 2011

Wow, That sucks.

So... Yeah.

Anyone who looks at my profile, two things for you:

1) what the hell is wrong with you, that make you look at my profile? Seriously?

2) the Anti-Cobra blog has vanished. it is gone, Kaput.

and that sucks. I set up that blog a couple of years ago to point out the shenanigans of the Cobra Group. It drew quite a bit of attention, but the time has come that I needed to send it bye bye. There are a few reasons for this, to be honest.

The first is that a good friend - and my darling, beloved wife pointed out that these days, employers have a tendency to google the name of potential employees. Given that I'm looking for a new job these days, so that I can look to move up north to be closer to my Wife's family, thats not somehing I need happening.

The second part is that... Well... I don't really care anymore.

I lost my Dad over the summer. It was very sudden, and very shocking. And frankly, after that I don't really care about the bullshit of a bunch of money-grubbing charlatans who think they're big shots in the world.


Mimi said...

Funny how I came to this blog via the other one and this is the only one I look at anyway. I respect your decision and hope everything works out for you.

Ben Myatt said...

Thanks Mimi.