Thursday, 27 January 2011

Creative Commons Music: The Butcher's Ballroom

Well, It's been over a year since my last Creative Common's music review, so I figured I'd throw one up now, and what better one to review than an Album it's taken me almost eighteen months to listen to properly?

The Butcher's Ballroom By Sweden's Diablo Swing Orchestra has sat o at least two MP3 players I own over the past year, and it wasn't untl the last couple of days that I actually sat down and listened to it.

One question sprang immediately to my mind - "Why the hell havent I done this before?"

The Music that DSO brought to me blended a mix of swing, Jazz and Metal to give a fun folky mix that sounds like it would be completely at home on the soundtrack of a Horror movie. Actually, I take it back, this music is far too good for a Horror movie. It genuienly stands on its own as something unique and Eclectic - I@m not the biggest fan of Metal, but once I stopped and listened, Butcher's Ballroom gripped me by the eardrums and refused to let go.

There were, admittedly, some of the songs that caught my attention more than others - Infralove Didn't really tickle me all that much, but Was more than made up for by Balrog Boogie and Velvet Embracer. probably my favourite track though was Rag Doll Physics Which Blended two different Vocal styles into one brilliant whole.

The Band's Wikipedia Entry describes them as Avant-Garde Metal.

I find myself unable to argue with this description.

The Band's Site
Downlaod the Album on Jamendo

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