Sunday, 20 December 2009

It's all over bar the shouting.

A historic Xmas number one was hit today. Rage against the Machine - Killing in the Name is the UK's Chart-Topper for christmas week. I just want to list the reasons this campaign was so amazing:

1) The immense feeling of camraderie that a lot of the people on the group feel. At the end of the day, there was no single release, there was no Huge hype machine.

2) This is the first EVER Xmas number one based entirely on digital downloads. That, in itself, is hugely significant.

3) We did this. Us, The People, gave the world an Unexpected Christmas number one. And that is the most significant thing of all.

I'm going to post this one last time to the Rage group. I want everyone who comes here to comment below. Make your voice heard. I want this blog post to be a record of everyone I spoke to, spammed and ranted with on those rage boards. I want this to be our names inscribed in stone. Lets be heard one last time.

Let the party begin.



jesusfreakjess said...

Agreed Ben, this was a fantastic couple of weeks!
The group had a great feel to it, people pitching in to "message 6 randoms", "hug a troll" and donate to Shelter.
The fact we got a 17-year-old track to #1 based entirely on downloads AND donated over £71,000 to Shelter from what started as a Facebook group is nothing short of amazing!
I could go on, but suffice it to say...we took the power back!

katnipuk said...

It feels so good that the FB group got RATM to number 1, what a sense of power and achievement. Wiped that smug grin of Cowels face POWER 2 THE PEOP
Kate Fletcher

Rebecca said...

People power to the max. Not only did we have an exciting Christmas chart battle for the first time in 4 years, not only did we knock down the X Factor monopoly on the Christmas charts, not only did we reach our goal of getting it to number one, not only did we raise thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of money for Shelter, not only did we make music history......

we managed to get us a free gig out of it too, thanks RATM!!!!