Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I find myself in a very odd position.

We all know how Internet trawling goes. You start on one page, you click on a random link, and you end up going to strange and weird places of the Internet that you never expected to. No, this isn't a porn rant. Get your mind out of the gutter.

This is the strange tale of how I found myself in the incredibly strange position of defending Paris Hilton. Still not a porn rant.

So, this morning, I clicked on a random link from F1 Fanatic, and a couple of clicks later, I ended up on this video:

Okay, I'm not the biggest fan of Motorbike Racing, and I can't stand Paris Hilton, and on that basis I was fairly indifferent to the clip, although I thought she sounded very supportive of the team she's backing - Blusen's by Paris Hilton Racing (Catchy) - and very supportive of the 16 year old 125cc racers she's helping race on the MotoGP circuit.

Then I made a critical error.

I looked at the Comments.

Dear. Sweet. God.

"wtf,why she was there? for sex or something?"

"okay....stick making porn videos...."

"What a d**k! I bet she only wants a bike because its something else big and throbbing she can have between her legs!"

"would she give me a blow if i let her drive my bike?!"

"shouldn't this c**t be in the kitchen making us all a sandwhich? lol"

I'd really love to say I cherrypicked the comments here. to an extent I did. But if you don't believe me, go and look at the comments on that video yourself. It is genuinely disgusting. As I've said, I'm not a fan of Paris Hilton, but no-one deserves to be spoken about in this method. I was raised to not talk about people like this, and I'm willing to bet most of those commenters were as well.

A lot of the resentment on there seems to derive from the fact that the commenters seem to believe that she has "no right" or "doesn't belong" on the video from the Grid.

Heres the moment when I pick a fight, because I hate to break it to you, but she has a hell of a lot more right to be there than most of you keyboard warriors out there. I do hope that some MotoGP fans end up reading that and pour hatred out at me.

Your hate tastes like candy. It feeds me.

But the fact is that Paris Hilton is probably pouring a not insubstantial amount of money into supporting two young 125cc riders as they go to different races worldwide. No-one objects to Vijay Mallya, Tony Fernandes or Richard Branson being interviewed on the F1 grid, so why does Paris Hilton, who is essentially a team owner, deserve this abuse. Is it because they command more respect, more prestige?

Or is it because they aren't a 30 year old blonde heiress who once appeared in a porn video.

It's very easy to go for target like that, isn't it? Very big of all of you.

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