Thursday, 3 March 2011

Grieving is okay, but don't exploit it for cheap fame + Webcomics!

Annoyance of the moment:

TNA's Jeremy Borash apparently tells a fan he hopes his whole family dies on twitter.

As you can see from's report, apparently the guy was very upset because his parent actually were dead.

A few points though:

Yes, JB is out of order if he did send this message. I don't deny that - it's an extraordinarily douchebaggy thing to do, even if he had no way of knowing the guys family were dead.

However, apparently JB saying this makes it okay for the dude to send obnoxious messages to Dixie Carter on Twitter (who, in my opinion, does a hell of a lot more to ingratiate herself to fans in the UK than WWE does). two wrongs do not make a right.

Mostly what annoys me though is this guy talking about how upset he is Whilst running straight to wrestling news sites to get himself some face time. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I lost my dad last year. If someone in TNA insulted my Dad, my first impulse would not be "I'll run to the new sites to tell people about this!" it would be "I'll make a formal complaint to This guys employer."

Of course the dude had ruled that out by being a little douchebag towards Dixie Carter in the first place, hadn't he.

Now, I'm not saying he isn't still hurting over the loss of his parents. I looked up his twitter accountand noticed that he lost them back in 2005 - I know that I'm still hurting eight months later just as much as I did back in August, because it doesn't really go away. frankly, I think this is why this annoy me - I certainly wouldn't use my Dad's death to get fifteen minutes of fame on wrestling news sites.

Now, a webcomics round-up!

Nerf Now: I love this webcomic, I really do. It's one of the few gaming comics thats stayed true to it's roots, the art is highly entertaining and the references are fun. Unlike Ctrl-Alt-Del for example it hasn;t just descended into the silly escapades of the authors own avatar - primarily because the TF2 characters are already silly. The author is a little bit of a PC-supremacist and seems to swing between amiable guy and the worst kind of gamer nerd. The comic, however is awesome.

As is Manly guys doing Manly things. The adventures of people working in an employment agency for overly-macho video game and movie characters. IT is as awesome as it sounds. Which is fucking very.

Ratfist, however, I could take or leave, to be honest. It's brilliantly drawn, but the writing does nothing for me, and I find the characters bloody irritating.


Anonymous said...

I'm just saying, I have read all of Dougs stuff, played his games and such.. And I've read quite a bit of nerf whatever and.. That comic is retarded as hell.

"stayed true to it's roots"

It certainly has! It was garbage when it first started, and it's garbage now! I like how people will "like" a comic because it's game themed, even if the art is mediocre as shit and the jokes run from standard to unbearable.

Like, what IS this? It's just so so standard. It hardly deserves two seconds mention, let alone the praise you gave it! But I guess that explains why you don't like Ratfist. Funny that his characters bother you but Mary Sue's are perfectly fine.

Ben Myatt said...

Why should I dislike a comic that makes me giggle? Theres nothing wrong with a bit of entertaing cliche, but frakly Ratfist just comes across as a dull batman spoof with an irritating lead character. Nerf now may not be particularly great as a upstanding interjection into the comics world, but it makes me giggle. Oddly enough, I don't like webcomics just because they happen to be about gaming.

Rebecca said...

Wow...all he said was that it didn't do anything for him...different strokes for different folks...he wasn't exactly slagging it off :S

BeckyBubbles said...

Dear Mr Farted tonight,

I don't particularly care about Webcomics, I like proper books and real art... But your comment did make me pay attention to the links supplied to my friend...

In doing this i found the following:

which cheered me up and made me giggle after a long and horrid week...It also made me think of none other than YOU!

Now I know you like "Doug's stuff" I mean who wouldn't? It has blue on the background and everything!

But to say thanks for bringing me a little happiness I spent all of 5 minutes in my insomnia riddled life making this:

to say thank you.