Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Elephant in the Room...

One of the things that has always truly, truly irritated me is the immediate response of the the media to blame violence on video games.

Let me paint a picture for you: I am 24. I have been playing violent games since the age of ten. I have shot Nazis, zombies, girls boys, and occasionally, the odd shark. Sometimes I run them over in a car.

I have never once thought it would be okay for me to go and shoot someone in real life, and violence on the news has always made me feel bad.

Yet tonight, my wife is watching an episode of “Jo Frost's Extreme Parental Guidance” that says that playing a violent video game for 20 goddamn minutes desensitises kids to violent footage from the news.

Their evidence for this? That the kids heart-rates stayed the same, rather than rising in response to it. I call bullshit.

What they have proven there is that kids don't react in a physical manner. Because they have been Prepared for the worst.

However, research has shown that kids who play video games have improved reactions and observational skills. Bet that wont be mentioned, hmm?

Of course, the amount and content of games played by kids is... of course... DOWN TO THE FUCKING PARENTS.

Jesus Christ. Take some fucking responsibility.

This rant brought to you by Videogamers for parents paying attention to their goddamn kids.

Of course, there would be an advantage to stopping playing videogames. It would stop them ruining my left 4 dead 2 sessions.

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Rebecca said...

"tonight, my wife is watching...."

omg it ALWAYS comes down to thia!

Still...Im not going to stop watching these things because your funniest and best blog entries (read rants) come from when I watch this kinda shit :p